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R&D Tax Credits

Exactera R&D Tax Credit Overview

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Payroll records. Ledgers. Project notes. Specifications. Gross receipts. Documenting R&D projects to the IRS’ satisfaction is a time-consuming job—which is precisely why so many taxpayers outsource the work to high-priced, pay-by-the-hour consultants. But why overspend to collect a tax credit you’ve already earned?

The R&D tax credit is the largest annual tax credit available to U.S. companies and applying for the credit is easier and more affordable than you think—if you enlist the help of technology-based consultants.

Exactera combines R&D tax credit software with a team of knowledgeable experts to streamline the application process and calculate accurate U.S. federal and state credits. The result? You can apply for the credit with confidence knowing your documentation is complete and defensible to
ensure you receive the maximum credit you are entitled to.

• Streamline your R&D tax credit filing, saving you time and ensuring accuracy
• Peace of mind that all qualifying activities are included for a maximum credit

Solution Features:

Organize Data
• Cloud-based online repository makes data accessible
• Global regulatory updates are done automatically

Educate Yourself
• Get software training and technical support
• Access to exclusive webinars and live customer events

Transparent Pricing
• R&D tax credit services are available for one price—no hidden fees
• Minimize the cost and maximize your opportunity

Work with Knowledgeable Experts
• Conduct functional interviews and surveys
• Report narratives for R&D activities in current year

Produce Robust Reports
• Detailed reports allow you to apply with confidence
• Apply for state and federal credits
• Maximize R&D opportunities

Add-on Services
• Evaluation of credit and eǔciency opportunities
• Computation of Base Period (ASC 730 or Regular)
• Advisory support with team of R&D tax credit experts
• New documentation collection and preparation