Exactera Pricing

Tax Software Pricing

  • Customizable platform
  • Varying support options
  • Highly scalable

Exactera Software & Service Pricing

Exactera’s products and services are available with varying degrees of support. Licenses may include—but are not limited to—the following notable features:


Transfer Pricing

Starting at
USD Annually
License includes:
  • Localized report models
  • Economic analysis module for benchmarking localization
  • Functional analysis template
  • Import and update previous TP reports
  • CUP/CUT benchmarking analysis
  • Audit support
  • Financial data analysis
  • Master file module
  • Access to support options (additional charge applies)

Tax Provision

Starting at
USD Annually
License includes:
  • Prior year provision data collection
  • Import trial balances and configure entities
  • Automation of book-to-tax adjustments
  • Input/import manual adjustment descriptions
  • Import data to recreate prior period provision, including current provision, deferred provision, and effective tax reconciliation
  • Review and test automated book-to-tax adjustments
  • Prior review checks
  • Tax department training

R&D Tax Credits

Starting at
USD Annually
License includes:
  • Cloud-based online repository for centralization of data
  • Access to exclusive educational webinars and live customer events
  • Computation of base period (ASC 730 or regular)
  • Functional interviews and surveys
  • Report providing narratives for R&D activities in current year
  • Optimization of credit and data capture efficiency
  • Evaluation of credit and efficiency opportunities
  • New documentation collection and preparation, plus advisory support
  • Support options available (additional charge applies)

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