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Intelligent Tax Compliance Services for a Strategic Business

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Exactera Transfer Pricing

Protect Yourself From Penalties

Exactera Transfer Pricing is a complete solution delivered by transfer pricing experts and powered by AI. It is the intelligent approach to transfer pricing and exemplifies the intersection of human and machine intelligence. One centralized solution for localized compliance with reduced risk at a lower cost.

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R&D Tax Credits

Maximize Your R&D Tax Credits

The R&D tax credit is one of the largest annual tax credit available to U.S. companies and applying for the credit is easier and more affordable than you think, thanks to our R&D tax credit software-based services. Ensure you are maximizing R&D tax credits—and streamline the process with Exactera.

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Exactera Tax Provision

Reduce Tax Provision Time and Stress

Exactera Tax Provision bypasses the usual Excel roadblocks—broken links, data-entry errors, workbooks that don’t flow seamlessly—and helps automate the book-to-tax process, computes complex calculations swiftly and accurately, and produces audit-ready standard reports, including the a detailed tax account roll-forward (TARF). Our customers reduce the time to complete their corporate tax provision process by up to 65%, saving weeks of time.


We have saved millions of dollars in taxes thanks to Exactera.

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Red Ventures
Ray Salort, VP, Tax
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Exactera's technology exceeds its competitors and offers a better product at a better price.

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Dyno Nobel
Milan Crane, Tax Director/Risk Manager
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67 % transfer pricing cost reduction

It reduced a lot of stress and gave me back so much time to be more efficient in other areas.

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Roseburg Forest Products
Andrea Evans, Tax Manager

Exactera prepared thorough
and saved
time and money.

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Angela Griffin, Global Director of Tax
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