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R&D Tax Credits

Exactera Upgrades R&D Tax Credit Services!

Exactera enhances R&D tax credit services by offering more automation, security, and efficiency in the retrieval of sensitive payroll data.

Tarrytown, NY (June 28, 2024) Today, Exactera, a leading AI-powered corporate tax compliance solution provider, has announced it is upgrading its technology-driven research and development (R&D) tax credit services with the addition of Finch, the premier API for employment systems. The strategic pairing promises Exactera’s R&D clients enhanced efficiency, automation, and security surrounding sensitive payroll data required to complete R&D tax credit claims.

The R&D tax credit calculation is based on comprehensive company data, including the taxable income of employees who contribute to R&D activities. However, compiling this data presents challenges. Manually extracting wage information for numerous R&D staff members is a significant investment in time and resources. Moreover, taxpayers are reluctant to share sensitive payroll data with service providers, which can lead to insufficient disclosures that prolong the claim process. With the addition of Finch’s API, Exactera eliminates these obstacles for taxpayers. The platform allows Exactera’s R&D experts to retrieve wages directly from payroll providers and gain visibility only into data pertaining to R&D tax credit claims.

“Compiling payroll data for R&D tax credit claims is a significant time investment for both taxpayers and service providers,” says Mark McGee, Exactera’s R&D tax credit director. “Incorporating Finch’s API into our services, allows us to ease this burden for clients, produce accurate reports, and maintain our commitment to exceptional customer service for taxpayers seeking to maximize R&D tax credits.”

Finch’s API brings time-saving automation and accuracy to the R&D tax credit claim process. Claiming credits with accurate, comprehensive data allows taxpayers to maximize R&D tax credits and get the most out of their investments in innovation.

“The R&D tax credit is one of the most generous tax credits available to U.S. companies,” says Michael Hickman, CEO, Exactera. “We want to make sure that taxpayers can claim those credits efficiently, accurately, and confidently. Leveraging Finch’s API will allow us to streamline this process for clients and continue to deliver the superior customer service that they have come to expect from Exactera.”

About Exactera

Exactera is a leading provider of corporate tax compliance solutions for transfer pricing, tax provision, and research and development tax credits. Leveraging premium data and innovative AI models, Exactera helps tax professionals be more efficient, mitigate risk, and streamline compliance through consistent and diligent documentation processes. Headquartered in the United States, Exactera serves hundreds of customers across the globe including some of the world’s best-known brands.

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