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Exactera Announces Availability of Next Generation of Exactera Tax Provision

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Customers are reducing time spent on income tax provision by 40% and automating up to 70% of their processes, with complete calculation traceability

St. Petersburg, FL—March 1, 2023 Exactera, a global provider of software-driven tax compliance solutions, today announced the general availability of the next generation of its solution for income tax provision calculations, Exactera Tax Provision. This cloud-based solution streamlines the tax function and simplifies the complexity around tax provision calculations. Customers are seeing up to a 40% reduction in time spent on their tax provision and have the ability to automate up to 70% of the tax provision processes. Exactera Tax Provision’s easy-to-use import capabilities and automated traceability functionality, with Excel-friendly interfaces and tools, have made it an attractive alternative for tax professionals who previously produced these calculations in Excel spreadsheets.

The latest version of Exactera Tax Provision offers several feature enhancements and additions, including:

  • Calculation Traceability- Trace back to source data without the hassle of maintaining a parallel Excel workbook
  • Intuitive User Interface- Insightful Data Dashboards display the latest information
  • Planning and Analysis Tools- Leverage ETR Analyzer for “what if” scenarios and Trend Analysis for better business decisions
  • Detailed Tax Account Rollforward (TARF)- Automates the tracking of tax accounts and journal entries
  • Easy imports- Quickly bring in trial balance and non-trial balance data into the software
  • Faster implementation and configuration – Implement in a fraction of the time vs. other providers

“We are excited to offer the next generation of our Tax Provision solution, which is the product of our commitment to understanding the needs of our customers and to delivering gamechanging tax compliance solutions to them,” said Jennifer Cozier, Senior Vice President, Product, Exactera. “Tax professionals no longer have to choose between being hindered by the limitations of Excel or navigating through complex software for their income tax provision. Tax Provision provides a cost-effective, nimble alternative that protects our customers from audit risk, while also offering them capabilities, such as calculation traceability, that they can’t get from either Excel or competing software providers.”

Exactera Tax Provision is currently being used by customers to successfully streamline their tax provision processes, including organizations such as Roseburg Forest Products.

“We typically have five or six weeks to do the provision before giving it to finance to post the journal entry,” said Andrea Evans, Tax Manager, Roseburg Forest Products. “In Excel, we struggled to get there. With Exactera’ tax provision software, we were weeks ahead.”

To schedule a demo of Exactera Tax Provision, visit Exactera.com.

About Exactera

Exactera provides tax technology solutions for transfer pricing, tax provision and R&D tax credits to organizations across the globe. These solutions help taxpayers accurately comply with jurisdiction-specific requirements and dramatically lower the cost and effort around compliance. Backed by Insight Partners, the leading private equity firm in the world, Exactera has raised more than $100 million in growth capital. These investments are leveraged to develop and maintain our technology, deliver an optimal customer experiences, and support global operations to serve a diverse and growing client base. For more information, visit www.Exactera.com