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Save Time. Reduce Stress. Close Early.

Save Time. Reduce Stress. Close Early.

Automate up to 70% of your tax provision process.

Tax provision software can’t always replace the need for Excel. But Exactera Tax Provision can take your Excel calculations to the next level—and automate 70% of your tax provision in the process.

Our easy-to-use interface offers flexible data imports for a seamless workflow—effortlessly configure the software to mirror data-rich spreadsheets—and our analytics offer valuable insights into your numbers. Intuitive and user-friendly, our software produces swift, accurate calculations and audit-ready standard reports, including a detailed tax account roll forward TARF. With Exactera Tax Provision, you can save time, eliminate errors—and close early.


Exactera Tax Provision Features

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Ease of Use

From data imports all the way through to reporting, Exactera Income Tax Provision provides streamlined, simple navigation in an intuitive, user-friendly tool. Our Excel add-in allows trial-balance data to be pulled from a user’s accounting system and imported into the software with a few simple clicks.

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Get complete transparency in system calculations—every calculation performed by the software, both in-line and on reports, is visible. Hover over amounts and you can trace calculations back to the original source to see how they were executed, without the hassle of maintaining a parallel Excel workbook.

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Analytic Insights

Trend Analysis allows you to compare your company’s effective-tax-rate drivers in the current period to any previous period. Easy-to-read dashboards provide critical information at a glance. Want to bring your ETR down? Use the ETR Analyzer to create “what if” scenarios around your effective tax rate for strategic tax planning.

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Audit-Ready Reports

Exactera Tax Provision bypasses the usual Excel roadblocks—broken links, data-entry mistakes, cumbersome processes—and helps automate the book-to-tax process producing audit-ready standard reports, including a detailed tax account roll-forward (TARF). Accurate calculations are guaranteed.

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Robust Dashboards

Easy-to-read dashboards allow you to view KPIs by entity at a glance. Want a closer look at a company’s deferred assets and liabilities? Click on it and the software homes in.

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Exactera Tax Provision automates the book-to-tax process, computes calculations accurately, and produces audit-ready standard reports, including a detailed tax account roll-forward (TARF). Tax rates and foreign-exchange rates automatically update, and the software proves out deferred tax balances. FIN 18 quarterly calculations are also automated.

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Custom Reporting

Exactera Tax Provision offers the flexibility to run reports by entity or by a customized group. View them in the cloud-based software or export to Excel.

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Easy Implementation

Complicated technology can be more trouble than it’s worth. Exactera Income Tax Provision offers swift implementation and an intuitive user experience. Our software offers ease of data imports, including trial balance and non-trial balance data, and our light-lift implementation is faster than our competitors. Data is easy to configure and onboarding is easy and efficient.

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